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Paragliding course

To learn how to paraglide, one needs certification which requires one to take more than 10 individual solo pilot standard courses from beginner to advanced levels as well as many additional programmes.

As a start, one is encouraged to discover paragliding through a tandem flight where they ride as passengers.

The next course is the Pilot levels which are taken consecutively as an open sky pilot, adventure pilot, APPI pilot before getting to the Advanced Pilot stage.

One then takes up the professional level courses where one starts as an Open Sky tandem pilot, APPI tandem pilot, Assistant instructor, APPI instructor to a Master instructor, which is the highest level one can achieve as a paraglider.

The other qualifications are making records in the different categories such as the number of hours one can paraglide, the speed at which one paraglides and how high they reached while paragliding.